Vacation Planning

V&V Travel connects you to Thailand travel specialists who offer expert advice in planning your own vacation. We partner only with the best hotels and tours.

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Taxi Service

We are pleased to offer you a taxi service from Suvarnabhumi airport, Bangkok, to many of the main tourist destinations with safety. You can be assured that you will not miss a flight with our taxi service.

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Dinner Cruise

Dining by the Cruise is another way to experience the Miracle City of Angles, glimpse the local way of life along the river. If you love dining out, you will love this cruise where you can find delicious Thai-International Buffet, activities and pleasant atmosphere are guaranteed.
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Languages Spoken

The official language spoken in Thailand is Thai, otherwise known as Siamese, but many people speak English.


A bottle of local Thai beer from a café or shop can cost as little as 55THB. A Sangsom and soda bucket can cost between 124THB to 300THB, and are best shared.


Delicious Thai street food can cost as little as 50THB. For a sit-down meal somewhere midrange, expect to pay between 150THB to 300THB.


For a mid-range room for two people in a hotel or guesthouse can coast you as little as 500THB. Book in advance with V&V Travel to bag the cheapest rates.